You Are the Books You Wear

You Are the Books You Wear

They said that “you are the books you read” but it may not be so according to a project called ‘The Ideal Bookshelf’. If it is up to them, instead, you are the books you wear. Through remaking your favorite books in a form of wearable pins, they allow you to let the world see which book speaks for you without having to say anything.

Owned by Jane Mount, the project started In 2012 in collaboration with writer Thessaly La Force to create a book called My Ideal Bookshelf, published by Little, Brown. It includes the favorite books of over 100 famous creatives from all fields (from writers and chefs to artists, ballet dancers, and musicians), with short essays about their choices and how they became who they are today.

To further liven up the project, they are now creating adorable pins in a shape of books enlisted in ‘My Ideal Bookshelf’. The titles they made includes Charlotte’s Web, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, and Harry Potter. The list might not include your personal must read book, but worry not, you can  order your own custom Ideal Bookshelf on

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