Yes or No? 6 Trends from the Menswear Spring 2016 Collections

Yes or No? 6 Trends from the Menswear Spring 2016 Collections

Each season, fashion houses and designers challenge their creativities to create new or upgrading existing trends to introduce to the community. Sometimes they are great and some other time… not really. After going through the files of Spring 2016 Menswear Show, we have spotted some trends that might need to be approached rather cautiously. You can rock it, you can miss it; they are interesting either way.

1. Pajama Party

There is nothing wrong in fashion is a classic mantra that probably will never vanish. That being said, wearing pajamas out in daylight can totally be justified. Why not take the full suit for a spin, wear the top with blazers, or wrap that bedroom robe on top of a crisp shirt? Make your dream to never take your pajamas off come true.

2. One For All and All For One

This trend has been introduced multiple times on the womenswear realm and it’s only natural that the Martians will adapt. Why worry about coordinating the colors of your clothes when you can wear the same pattern all over?

3. Flight Suits

Military has a strong image that many men admire, and in military exist a division called the air force where the pilots wear jumpsuits. Obviously pilots have their own charm and these jumpsuits portray the cool vibe pretty literally – except for the designers’ spin put on them.

4. Gentle-men

When we say gentlemen, we meant gentle-men. With many designers pulling out the softer hues and silhouettes on men, putting them in laces and frills, it is as if they want to emphasize the softer side of the beaux. Pink can be manly too, indeed.

5. The Sheer Factor

Another delicacy presented on the runways is the appearance of sheer fabrics. This is also one trend previously introduced in womenswear shows. Just like the women, pair the gauziness with something hard like leather to bring up its strength.

6. Get Slouchy

Remember the old times when skinny jeans were all the rage? But skinnies can only go as tight, where there is no limit to growth. The bigger the better, that’s what’s in. Get loose and sway in these big statements.

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