Yajugaya: Word Play Well Played

Yajugaya: Word Play Well Played

Quotes. Something that youth  these days hold as rules to live by. In that sense, no other brand better represents than Yajugaya. This t-shirt brand happened to be established by people with no history in fashion. But with their strong literature background, they are able to break through the fashion industry using their powerfully smooth word plays.

Yajugaya comes up with statement making clothes, which instead of flaunting pompous designs, strikes us with their use of words. Hence the name, “Ya juga ya…” (roughly translated to “Oh, that’s right…”) as a depiction of the expected reaction towards Yajugaya’s t-shirts. They aim to make people left wonderstruck by reading their meticulously tailored quotes—each plastered on their basic black and white Gildan t-shirts.

As contemporary as it gets, Yajugaya began as a written quotes on facebook status. The founder’s mastery in quote-making soon received enthusiastic responses from people who read them. Hence, in 2010, Randhy Prasetya released the brand with the help of his two best friends, Aga Salim and Aldini Pratiwi-Salim (which happen to be a couple match-made by him). Standing on a notion that “words can’t be held, therefore we put them on t-shirts” they make t-shirts that acts as a medium to speak for the thoughts. “Aligned with our tagline, ‘Pikirkan kata, Katakan Pikir.’ or in English ‘Think about words. Say your thoughts,’”the owner stated.

Although seemingly unpretentious, each t-shirts are loaded with sarcastic punny brilliance. Their quotes are ranging from mild chaff like “Minim alis” and “Mau tapi ma lu” to a straight up slap on the face like “Mampu(s) tanpamu“. The other are more poetic like “Tak sempurna manusia, pasti punya salah. Aku pun bukan Tuhan, yang pasti memaafkan” and “Bangun! Tidur selamanya bisa nanti dan pasti terjadi”.  Each quotes are meant to be made as something everyone can relate to. Indeed, admitting to find inspiration from everyday life, the remarks produced contain the most heart-piercing forms of daily relevance.


Yajugaya also stands as a brand who highly value Bahasa Indonesia. Therefore, although aiming to be a local brand with international quality, they will keep using Bahasa in most of their quotes. The colors black and white are also not merely chosen without consideration “Just like the truth, our colors are only white and black. No grey area”. And when asked who their muses are, they answered with, ”Everyone. Our muse is everything that a’muse’ us” a very Yajugaya answer, so to speak.

To get a spark of their witty excellence, you can order the t-shirt via their instagram page @yajugaya. Also, hit up their facebook and twitter account, for updated collections and any announcements about their upcoming pop up events.

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