Would You Stay in This Wall-less Hotel?

Would You Stay in This Wall-less Hotel?

If you happen to go on a vacation in an extraordinarily panoramic place, chances are you wouldn’t want to spend too much of your time indoor. Indeed, in a place where the view is breathtaking and the weather is pleasantly comforting, staying indoor can be a waste of time. This might be the idea which carried the Null Stern Hotel to create an open space accommodation. However, this is not the kind of accommodation that incorporates an open space in an already existing building, instead, it includes no rooms and properties of a sort.

Located 6,463 feet above sea level in the mountains of Graubünden, Switzerland, the Null Stern Hotel offer nothing more than a bed and a couple of nightstands and lamps. The hotel does not even provide you with a bathroom except for the public bathroom that is located 10 minutes away from the area. However, placed on the mountainside, the place provides you a splendid view of the Swiss highlands. Without any wall or roof to block the view, people who stay in the hotel will be spoiled with the 360?? view of that said mountain landscape. Add to accentuate the hotel experience, you will get a butler-delivered salami sandwich and coffee in the morning.

Currently, the hotel is available for booking every night between spring and fall. However, due to its unpredicted outdoor surrounding, should a bad weather occur, your booking can be canceled up until the last minute. For those interested to have one of a kind experience can book the accommodation on the Null Stern Hotels website for around $250 a night.

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