Welcome Back, Unqlo x Lemaire

Welcome Back, Unqlo x Lemaire

UNIQLO x LEMAIRE is back! The fall collaboration between the Japanese fast fashion retailer with former Hermès designer Christophe Lemaire and his design partner Sarah-Linh Tran was so successful that Uniqlo restocked the line for the holidays and signed on for another season. Uniqlo now has revealed every piece of the spring-summer 2016 collection, which includes belted dresses, knitted polos, sweaters, tent tops, ponchos, and plenty of wide-legged pants and culottes.




This second collaboration offers the flexible and versatile pieces to fulfills the need for light summer attire, that is designed with the effortless minimalism Lemaire fans will appreciate — in clean silhouettes and moderately voluminous shapes. According to Vogue, Lemaire and Tran found their inspiration for spring and summer in “French holidays of the ’60s.” Based around a warm summer palette, the garments combine simple and relaxed lines with functional details inspired by sportswear. Generous volumes are conceived to free up your hands and ease your movements regardless of where you may find yourself. Ginger, mahogany, honey, blue-green and ash grey and other half-tones seemingly faded by years of summer sun, are worn with deep blacks and luminous whites. And the lightweight collection is made up of seersucker, chambray and oxford cloth. This much-loved collaboration is set to launch on March 4 in Uniqlo stores worldwide — while now you can check out the full collection online.


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