Wear Disney-Themed Merchandise, the Grown-Up Way

Wear Disney-Themed Merchandise, the Grown-Up Way

Apparently, we’re the generation that will never consider ourselves too old for anything—especially for things that once were part of our childhood. Those include sporting a game-themed footwear, wearing a cartoon printed clothing, and collecting lego pieces that might originally marketed to children 8 years and up. The industry also seems to keep enabling us to do so by keep coming up with products that facilitate our throwbacks (not that we complain though). One of the most recent prove to that is the Disney x Coach recent collaboration.

Teaming up with Disney, Coach creates a series of merchandise that features an iconic cartoon character: Mickey Mouse. By staying true to what they do best, Coach combines their signature design with Mickey Mouse print sketched directly by Disney animators. This limited edition collection will spoil you with a range of bags, t-shirts, sneakers, biker jackets, dolls and beanbags that are as nostalgic as it is sophisticated.

However, unlike the other throwback collections that are not afraid to appear full blown childlike (which is equally awesome but a little bit more challenging to nail), they manage to create pieces that are somewhat age appropriate. So while the throwback game is just as strong, this collection is a safer choice for those who don’t want people to think that they were wearing their nephew’s or niece’s school gear.

The collection will be launched starting June 17, and will be available in coach.com and Coach stores worldwide.

Via: Refinery 29

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