Waking Up With The Barisieur

Waking Up With The Barisieur

As much as we want to get up really early every morning, sometimes, it’s just too difficult to be done. Leaving the comfort of our bed might be one of the most difficult tasks in our daily life. So much so, that people are done depending solely on their biological clock, and inventing various technologies just to be able to turn themselves into a morning person.

Previously, we have discussed about an alarm that would not only woke you with the power its noise, but also would jolt you out of the bed. And while it might be effective, it would potentially make your morning an even more unpleasant experience. Therefore, if you so much prefer to have something exciting to wake up to rather than getting a coercive jolt in the morning, this alarm clock/coffee maker is an ideal option.

For those who fancy a refreshing dose of caffeine every morning, Joshua Renouf, a London based designer recently come up with a machine that would wake you up with the sound of boiling water and the smell of our favorite coffee or tea. Called The Barisieur the machine can be programmed via a smartphone app to set the hour of the wake up. All you have to do is choose between coffee or tea, and be ready to be greeted with your favorite beverage every morning.

Via: Fubiz

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