Versace Takes Flight with Lil Buck in a New Collaboration

Versace Takes Flight with Lil Buck in a New Collaboration

The jookin prodigy Charles ‘Lil Buck’ Riley has applied his moves onto high fashion. This stylishly dressed 27-years-old Tennessee native, who can fluidly render his body into various astonishing contortions, has launched his collaboration with Versace. The collection includes sneaker designs in a gray and black colorway, also a few t-shirt styles.

The request offered to the dancer by Versace was a natural proposition. “Sneakers are my pointe shoes!” he said. The high-top sneakers he devised for the collection are infused with plenty of structure and detailing, complete with a Velcro strap emblazoned with Versace’s Greek key. Lil Buck also used a retroreflector material with a subtle gray finish, allowing the shoe to glow when light hits its surface. “It’s a nice subtle sneaker, and I made an all-black version too, because I always like dancing in black shoes, but at the same time I want people to see me when I’m performing”.

Lil Buck also calls for his personal muse while designing for the collection – the Pegasus. According to the dancer, the mythological character has been known to exude feelings of passion, elegance, and power – mirroring his dynamic movements. “I’m into Greek mythology and especially Pegasus – the winged horse, which symbolizes flight,” he explains. “When I dance I see myself as flying with my feet. I just fly into the moment.”

As the collection’s lone graphic, the Pegasus can be seen midair, with the image splashed across the t-shirts and subtly embedded into a small pennant on the laces of the high-top sneakers. “I ran with the Pegasus theme because it’s not too far from Versace’s Medusa head and legacy. In fact, Pegasus was actually born from Medusa. There was a connection between me and Versace that I never knew we had!”

The Lil Buck collection for Versace has been available online since October 30 and also at the Versace SOHO store in New York, 160 Mercer Street, New York City.

Source: Vogue

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