Van Vogue's Take on Bold Minimalism

Van Vogue's Take on Bold Minimalism

Amongst the emerging and continuously growing apparel brands, there’s one thing that local fashion scene still seems to be lagging on: footwear. Try recalling local footwear brands, and you might found that there are only a few names that come to mind. Van Vogue might just be one of the pioneering bunch. Since its’ release in 2013, the brand have been able to join We The Fest, gaining fashion partnership with bobobobo, and supporting big names like IKYK and fbudi. And would all these be achieved if Van Vogue is just another typical shoe brand? We doubt it.

Found by Eva Awalia, Van Vogue begins to respond the shortage in footwear niche. The name itself was quite interestingly taken from one of Azealia Banks’ song title. But unlike the hip-hop vibe that the song is loaded with, the brand carries a deep rooted reference from minimalist aesthetic.” I thought it sounds cool and catchy to be a brand name,” she stated. Besides, Vogue means something that is widely fancied, and she wishes her brand to be able to grow into that.

The pieces form Van Vogue itself are highly wearable and can easily be distinguished by their bold yet minimalist shape. What’s even more unique is that the brand tries to make designs in that can fit both men and women. Even though currently focusing on women's footwear, currently, they are also developing shoes that can be worn by both sexes. This blurred, ambiguous line is solely based on their respect of gender equality.

Their March collection consists of pieces inspired by 90s fashion where rubber chunky soles and mountain sandals were very popular. Pastel colors also dominate the collection as a form of nostalgia towards the era. Other elements like Friends TV series and 90s fashion icon, Kate Moss also plays as an inspiration for this collection. The result can be seen on their sophisticated yet simple mules.

Despite of their already well-established brand, they wish to keep presenting one of a kind high quality fashion products on reasonable price. They also wish that people would not solely buy their product because they like the product, but also because they appreciate the brand. They also aspire to expand their market and to use more sustainable approach in the future. Let us wish that the brand will once again pioneer such movement in local fashion scene, and keep an eye on their instagram page in the mean time.

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