Under the Radar: MAX.TAN

Under the Radar: MAX.TAN

Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak. That is how Singapore based womenswear label MAX.TAN describes the basics of his designs – to escape the captivity of artificial rules and standards, without however eclipsing them from the creative horizon. His latest collection discovers how experimentation grows out of basic forms and lines. From simple embryos of fashion design a complex language can develop, made of details that evolve into billowy, disproportionate volumes.

Inspired by the ten commandments, for his spring/summer 2016 collection MAX.TAN came up with its own rule: Thou Shalt Not design, when there is no conformity, there is a greater room for growth. It all comes down to the core of design ideology, building up from basic forms, light, line works, contrast and stripping over-finished garments. In order to gain, one has to let go. In order to improve, one has to take a step back. To design without the design in mind is still a form of creation. Undesign. Thou shalt not, design.

The collection focus on tailoring and draping, giving way to unexpected silhouettes and austere moods. The garments play with volumes, with shapes modified by use, a blend of masculine and feminine, a contrast between oversized and undersized, a deconstructed elements that he likes to call “maximizing on minimalistic”. Clean, but enhanced styles are playful and forward like the voluminous skirts, oversized shorts and garments that lay on the body due to a solid drape. He also introduced hybrid garments with raw edges to easily, yet cleverly transform one garment into another. On his shirtdress, the hem extends into a jacket bodice and the sleeves are joined with excess fabric to hang with ease, creating a two-pieces into one. On top of that, the colour spectrum of soft white and shades of black are as archaic and contemporary, old and new as the ten commandments themselves. Even deconstruction steers towards reconstruction and reaches its zenith through transformation.

MAX.TAN Spring/Summer 2016 collection via max-tan.com

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