Under the Radar: Letasca

Under the Radar: Letasca

While there are already a fair amount of parading military inspired looks on the fashion scene, Letasca took this nuance to a whole new upgraded level. Instead of the typical parka jackets and camo prints, the brand first presented itself by offering a range of bulletproof jackets. All designed with striking military vibe that is as wearable as it is functional.

Launched in 2014, Letasca brought a simple idea. It aims to make our daily life easier by making accessories that can also be used to carry our daily items like smartphone to tablet, travel books, sunglasses, passport, or even laptops. By enabling “carry and wear”, Letasca supports more active lifestyle. By letting their hands free, active people no longer need to encounter things such as restricted movements.

Lead by italian designers, Elbio Bonsaglio and Edoardo Giaroli, the Milan based brand also do not fall short in terms of stylish appeal. Other than their handsomely designed vests, the brand recently expands into sweats, tees and outerwear that are equally superb. Inspired by the “Metropolis” the collection comes in a range of attire which are tastefully decorated with city line prints. While the recent collection might differ to its prior, the brand managed to maintain the signature appeal by staying to their basic silhouette.

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