Under the Radar: Bruta

Under the Radar: Bruta

Founded by Arthur Yates, the London based brand Bruta was developed with a background in the arts – rather than any formal fashion training, and thus directing the label towards a more unconventional, unexpected, and uncompromising approach. The seemingly risky move of putting their identity at a distance with trends and remaining in the outside of the fashion cubicle kept them in sync with their customers, a community of aloof and individualistic people. The charm and absurdities of art, culture, and humanity is what they celebrate.

The unisex pieces created for the SS16 collection actually took the South American Gaucho horsemen as a starting point. The bold prints, pastoral imagery, and the deep yet vibrant colors in the collection got a strong personal touch as Arthur Yates added his hand drawn imagined details. The shirts are simply the right menswear fit constructed out of a material that drapes nicely on a woman’s figure, making them the perfect stylized, yet completely wearable items with simple acclamation point. The whole collection is also complemented with urns and pots hand-painted by Arthur Yates, which are sold alongside the Bruta shirts.

Contact: info@bruta.eu
Sales: sales@bruta.eu
Press: press@bruta.eu

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