Under the Radar: Boulezar

Under the Radar: Boulezar

‘Comfy Couture’ describes the quint-essence of what Boulezar stands for – the use of premium fabrics and the fine art of German tailoring combined with an unobtrusive, contemporary style. Designed for true comfort and to surpass temporary vogues it resembles the perfect symbiosis between quality, comfort and design.

Due to the fact that fabrics represent one of the main building blocks of their collections, Boulezar carefully and extensively selected the best fabric available in the market, sourced from small to medium-sized family-run business mainly situated in Italy and Japan. Curated based on the weight, how they fall, and how they feel, each fabric is extensively tested for sustainability.

The designs of this Munich based brand are contemporary with utmost attention to details – all for the purpose of true comfort, distinctive quality and uniqueness. It reflects on their signature – how they bind all the seams with a cotton band. For Boulezar, true comfort is more than a luxurious feel – it also lies in the amenities of functional and thought through design of their garments, allowing for discoveries rather than simply wearing them.

Boulezar Spring/Summer 2016 collection via boulezar.com

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