Under the Radar: ADER ERROR

Under the Radar: ADER ERROR

A South Korean label owned by Song Young ae, ADER ERROR put out unisex collections imbued with a vibrant, playful palette that adorns various thrift store-flavored pieces, giving their collection a somewhat awkward (in a good way), geek-chic feel.

Suggesting a different kind of minimalism with simplifying things taken as their ideology, the brand expresses a contemporary approach. What they do is that they are reinterpreting things that would be missed daily.

These points are apparent from the details they embedded on their clothing. Crewnecks and tees are sporting simple yet strong youthful graphics and statements if not singular cheeky words. In line with reinterpreting easily missed things, they also cleverly put details such as arrow inside the pants near the hem, which will point up once the hem is folded outwards. In term of jackets, they are given boxy cuts and the trousers are flared, distressed, or gleefully oversized. Accessories in ADER ERROR’s collection are also exposed to the same youthful manner. Overall, as a brand, they have really cemented the fact that minimalism could also be fun and colorful, instead of cold and grey.

103, 26 Itaewon-ro 36-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone: +82 759 2230

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