Trenchcoat Redefined

Trenchcoat Redefined

You might think that things are easier for people in tropical countries where the weather is either sunny or raining. Now that it’s almost end of the year, it has started pouring almost every day of the week, and apparently, rainy days never cease to be a challenge. No one would fancy having uncomfortably soaked clothes, hair, shoes, or everything at all—surely, no one would. But when rainy days come along, those things are quite inevitable. That is unless you shut yourself indoor for half of the year, which is unlikely.

We’ve previously discussed some ideas on how to dress for rainy days without compensating on your looks. We’ve also suggested that wearing the right trench coat is amongst the most foolproof solutions. Although frankly, when it comes to stylish looking trenches, the list comes quite short. But stumbling upon these pieces, we can surely add another number to a list of classy rainwear.

A brand originated in the Netherlands, Tenue de Nîmes, teamed up with British outerwear brand Hancock VA to create exquisite trench coats to dapper-up your rainy days. With pieces that are handmade in Scotland, they infused details like black-taupe vulcanized cotton outer, detachable khaki quilted liner, and  “V” quilted pattern inset. While they might be based half-globe away from tropical countries, they ship worldwide, and you can order these items here.

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