Treasure for the Sweet Tooth

Treasure for the Sweet Tooth

A brief glance at these lustrous items, you might think that you are looking at multicolored gems. But the fact is, these precious birthstones are not something you might typically want as jewelries—for they are meant to be eaten not worn. Mayaan Zilberman, the owner of Sweet Saba, is the baker/artist behind these beautifully deceitful sweets.

Located in New York, Sweet Saba presents itself as conceptual candy store. As opposed to being childlike, this store offers a range of candies that are outright avant-garde. Working with food technologist, the store have developed up to 30 exceptionally flavored food, which include bubble gum, bacon, whiskey and mother’s milk.

Other than their extraordinary exploration on flavors, they also display their candies in remarkable presentation. Having an experience as a baker who specialized in artful cakes, Mayaan Zilberman use the same approach to design her candies. By making candies that replicate meaningful objects and infusing unconventional ingredients like edible gold, these are the candies that are not meant to be eaten without being previously displayed. Be it for birthdays, baby showers, or new year, these will act as intriguing and impressive servings at any parties that might even be able to create a party on their own.

Source: New York Times, Sweet Saba

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