Travel in The Glass Train

Travel in The Glass Train

For those who really know how to travel, a journey is not merely about the destination. Come to think of it, indeed, we spent a great deal of our time on the road during our every trip and we might as well make the most out it. Accordingly, the newest train designed by Ichibansen, a Japanese railway company, seems to be made to deliver those means.

Having some of the fastest trains in the world, Japanese passengers are used to only seeing the panoramic countryside in a blur. This is unfortunate considering how scenic the view actually is. Therefore, Ichibansen's futuristic train design offers the ultimate viewing pleasure by replacing every wall with glass windows. Even better, the train is also built with delightful interior, featuring armchairs that should act like a cozy couch while the TV is real-life mountain views outside. The driver's room is also made of glass, so the rail enthusiasts can get up close and personal to workings of train.

There are two carriages to the tourist train, which runs in the west part of the Niigata Prefecture in Japan. The first carriage is dedicated to offering stunning viewpoints, while the second houses a French restaurant. There are 45 seats in total on the Echigo Tokimeki Resort Setsugekka designed by Ichibansen. If you book your travel, be ready to be greeted with a special cartoon character upon your attendance. A ticket for one that includes a meal costs £100, while the fare without food is£40.

Via: Dailymail UK

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