Travel down the Memory Lane with Polaroid

Travel down the Memory Lane with Polaroid

A photograph represent moments of the lifetime. It acts as a medium to travel back through a slice of a childhood and memories of the past that are otherwise would left inaccessible. That’s why back in the days, a photo album would be one’s most cherished valuables.

But as the world is entering the digital era, memento making has become unbelievably easy. Photos are taken instantly, quickly, and even more so frequently. As people gain freedom to take, delete, and edit pictures as easy as one click, photos lost their original appeal as a memoir. Instead, they transform into a tool used to construct a facade and people are often focusing on making good photos rather than good memories.

In the midst of the digitalized age, polaroid releases a photography gadget that treat photos like the old times. Named Snap and Snap+, the incredibly cute devices snap a photo (in black and white, sepia, or color, which you can control from a small wheel mechanism on the top of the cam), and when you’re done, it prints it. It can also print stickers so that you can freely adjust your photo arrangements. Among all the beautifully taken photos that are often staged or made up, polaroid take you a step back for good. By investing on $99 – $150 device, you’re encouraged to collect memories that are not necessarily picture perfect, but rather raw and authentic and are beautiful simply because it happened.

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