Tranquility in Southern Jakarta

Tranquility in Southern Jakarta

A good morning for us is – Sipping a cup of coffee accompanied by some jazzy tunes, while the sun shines through the tall frangipani trees, watching how the shadow falls soft and shades the colorful tables out in the backyard. Well, maybe that kind of mornings is only for the holidays in tropical places like Bali, not for the buzzing Jakarta. But we might have found peace in the southern part of the city, at Cayenne, where that glorious morning scene could be experienced all day.

When we walked into this space at Kemang, we suddenly lost the frantic city situation and all seems forgotten. It was noon from when we arrived, a perfect time to have brunch and the all-day breakfast that Cayenne offers. The scent of cinnamon rolls greets us first hand, as the lovely rows of wood tables follow along with a serene atmosphere.

We sat by the glass door to the backyard just in front of the semi-open kitchen and ordered two cups of coffee – flat white and latte, which came in two little glass on top of vintage-looking ceramic plates, a classic touch to the earthly surroundings.

For the meals, we chose a classic breakfast burritos and a plate of maple caramelised hash potato. Filled with soft scramble eggs, roasted vegetables, avocado, beef bacon and melted cheese, the burritos serve very well with the salsa and sour cream served on the side. And as recommended, the maple caramelised hash potato is indeed the house’s special. Served with beef bacon, sunny side ups, and salad on the side, everything on the plate harmonised perfectly for your brunch experience.

A beautiful little escape within the city never sounds so far away now, does it?

Breakfast at Cayenne
Jl. Kemang Selatan VII No. C2, Kemang, South Jakarta
Phone: 021 29704981 ext:611

Photos by Jessica Djafar

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