Tracey Mills Launches Visitor On Earth Brand

Tracey Mills Launches Visitor On Earth Brand

If you're going to launch a new website for your clothing line, it pays to get some help from your friends. In this case, designer Tracey Mills got a big boost from his former creative collaborator Kanye West. Early Saturday morning, West tweeted “I'm so happy for @tmillsfashion with the launch of his new site “ about the launch of Mills' new site for his brand Visitor on Earth.

Aside from Kanye West, Mills have also worked for Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy, as well as Von Dutch in the past. This week he has gone ahead and launched his own brand and accompanying website. And he presents the collection with a humane message. The site features items from Mills' new line, as well as an explanation of the philosophy behind his unisex designs. The mission statement of the brand reads:

 “We are all visitors on Earth. We all share the same resources with a common purpose, to rehabilitate the planet with love.Visitor On Earth aims to unfold the truth of oneness through a common uniform. Our unisex uniforms defy the separateness of sex, race, creed, and gender identity. Our color palette connects to the elements that form our universe. Our silhouettes are timeless and can be worn by any generation– past, present and future.

Visitor On Earth seeks to erase the programming that has separated us from the beginning.”

The collections is kept entirely in black and earth tones, in that regard quite similar to West’s own YEEZY line. Check out the brand’s new hoodies, tees, unisex pants, and lining jackets rom Visitor On Earth now with tees starting at $95 USD.

Photos via Visitor on Earth

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