Tokyo's Readers Paradise

Tokyo's Readers Paradise

For those who love to burry their faces between pages of words, they might share the same romance with books. In a digital era where everything can be read through screen, the appeal of old school copies still triumph with its distinct scent and touch – it gives an organic, classic yet unique experience.

This affection could then somehow advance into a love for libraries and bookstores, putting yourself into a quest to visit the fabled ones – say, like Shakespeare & Co. in Paris – just to buy one stamped (or perhaps legalized?) novel by recommendation of the patrons. There is nothing wrong with it though, for they are indeed holding a beautiful charm, and you probably have been spending hours in there most of your days.

Unfortunately though, bookstores are usually constructed with hard flooring, which is not a comfortable choice to sit on for too long, and standing around is obviously tiring. Closing hours is also unavoidable. But what if you can stay overnight, letting your imagination runs free without the limit of time? Well, you should start a new quest to Japan – Tokyo, to be exact.

Taking a concept of ‘accommodation bookshop’, the prefect setting for a goodnight sleep is not something that Book and Bed offers. Instead, what they present is the blissful experience of falling asleep instantly after taking a journey through a line of letters. The moment you think you can continue reading after 2am only to realize you have fallen asleep.

This hostel housed 30 beds of ‘Standard’ and ‘Compact’ types, along with shared toilet and bathroom. The bedrooms are nestled right behind the bookshelves where you could read book peacefully in the nook, or you could relax with some light reading in the lobby space. There are two sleeping quarter, the one already mentioned is conveniently called ‘Bookshelf’ while the other (costing less) is the ‘Bunk’ area. Of course, with free Wi-Fi available, there is enough for those looking to venture the verses.

Book and Bed Tokyo
1-17-7, Lumiere building 7th floor
Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo
Japan 171-0021

Photos courtesy of Book and Bed Tokyo

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