Tokyo Street: A Peculiar Charm

Tokyo Street: A Peculiar Charm

Known for its street style, the people walking the street of Tokyo put themselves apart from other fashion crowd in the world with their extraordinary sense of style. It almost feels like they follow their own waves of trend, if not none at all. Truth to be told, it might be that exact reason that makes them one of the ultimate sources of inspiration.

As Fashion Week Tokyo is currently happening, obviously a storm of boldly dressed attendees is to be expected. But if you think they only dress like that for the occasion, well, no. Style for them is a form of expression – and staying true to themselves, they dress like that on daily basis.

Of course, not everyone will be down for a rather bizarre look like decora, where girls and boys put on rainbows of color, covering their hair with kawaiihairpins as well as sticking stickers and adorable band-aid on their faces. But Tokyo’s street style is limitless. Just as personality differs, their style is diverse.

Take a look at how they combine patterns. The key here is to take similar patterns in different ratios. It works with polkadots and stripes; it shall work with paisley too. Colors are also part of their strong game – from gradients to monochromatic it is safe to say they have mastered the art of mixing and matching. Spicing up their looks are brilliant accessories, and they also challenge proportions with texture and volume. Topped with make-up and hairstyle, pushing boundaries is what they do best.

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