Thom Browne Pop up Installation at Paris' Le Bon Marché

Thom Browne Pop up Installation at Paris' Le Bon Marché

With courtesy of the New York designer Thom Browne as the featured designer, Le Bon Marché is currently graced with a conceptual variation of his New York Men’s Fashion Week presentation called the ‘Office Man 2’. Dominating the second floor of Left Bank department store, this installation is a part of the department store’s Brooklyn Rive Gauche celebration of American style.

Built inside a wood-framed room, the interior wall is fully covered in mirrors and creates a kaleidoscopic infinity effect illuminated with fluorescent tubes, a frame to a surreal display of more than 50 pairs of silver-plated Browne’s iconic black leather wingtip shoes – neatly aligned in rows – referencing the designer’s Spring 2013 men’s show. Among them, stood a chrome desk accompanied with a silver chair and a briefcase. In accordance to the title, the desk’s surface is filled with what might be found on an office desk: a typewriter, desk lamp, some books and supplies, also an apple, all silver-plated in pristine and polished condition.

In an adjacent room, Thom Browne’s Autumn Winter 2015/2016 men’s and women’s collections are hang alongside some Le Bon Marché exclusives like the whale-emblazoned knits, a Krug-laden bar cart, and fitting rooms shuttered by Browne’s signature horizontal blinds.

‘Office Man 2’ is on display on the 2nd floor of Le Bon Marché, 24 Rue des Sèvres 75007 until October 17th, 2015.

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