This Is Not (Just) Clothing

This Is Not (Just) Clothing

Celebrating and reinventing masterful artworks, artist Jam Sutton created a juxtaposition of contemporary culture and fine art, turning ‘This Is Not Clothing’ into more than just a luxury brand, but also a consumerist art movement. The pieces produced by the label are considered as wearable canvases embellished with original bespoke artwork prints.

As a part of the upcoming’s most talented and exciting creative, Jam shares his unique vision about our society through his homage to the great artists who have shaped the history of art itself. He breaks away from traditional boundaries of still and moving image, which wondrous results could be witnessed in his collections.

TINC’s Collection III/II takes inspiration from classical sculpture and modern protests. Featuring a series of digital sculptures created using 3D scanning techniques of real-life models, the artwork is inspired by the Parthenon Marbles from Athens, Greece. The marble sculptures depict a ferocious battle between the Lapiths (legendary people of Greek mythology) and the Centaurs (half man, half horse).

Adding a new dimension and experience to these masterpieces, TINC released an app which unlocks interactive artwork and digital sculptures by scanning the labels of their pieces. Enhancing the brand’s exploration of fashion, art and technology, this app is available to download to your mobile devices via App Store and Google play store.

The collection itself is available for purchase online and in select stores including Colette, Selfridges, Trading Museum Comme des Garçons and Galeries Lafayette Beijing.

Images via This Is Not Clothing

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