THEY New York, Another Footwear Brand to Watch

THEY New York, Another Footwear Brand to Watch

One can never have too many shoes. And if we’re talking in today’s context, the specific kind of shoes we just can’t get enough of is the sneaker. With the growing fondness towards them, sneakers have evolved from their sportswear origins to variations to suit our needs. Now there are practically sneakers for everyone with every lifestyle. However, those who embrace more minimalist approach in their style would be especially delighted by this new footwear brand.

Named THEY New York, the footwear brand was founded by three Manhattan-based friends who share a unanimous passion for minimalist design. They pay homage to the geometric precursors of German Bauhaus and modern Japanese graphics and architecture while designing their footwear. The result is a variation of footwears that are sleek, sophisticated, and highly versatile.

Working with craftsmen with over 30 years experience in shoemaking, THEY defined them self with their devotion towards quality. Unlike the traditional shoemaking that separates the soles from the shoes, THEY have developed a meticulous method for hand-aligning the shoe's upper half with its custom made bi-color rubber sole, for perfect uniform connectivity. Moreover, every geometric detail on the shoes is seamlessly embedded within the shoe’s silhouette. These luxurious kicks are sold of $350 a pair. However, considering its look and quality, THEY seem to be a footwear worthy of your investment.


Via: Refinery29

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