These Watches Will Take You to the Dark Side

These Watches Will Take You to the Dark Side

Dear Star Wars fans everywhere. We understand that the excitement for the upcoming release of “Star Wars : The Force Awakens”, might bring you the urge to splurge on some light saber or life-sized storm trooper. But lo and behold, because Nixon had started building up the euphoria by launching The Dark Side of The Force inspired watches. Yes. Some Star Wars inspired items that would not only satisfy your inner geek—but can also offer you something you might actually use.

This collection is inspired by four dark side members, Darth Vader, the Stormtrooper, Boba Fett and the Imperial Pilot. Each of the items are carefully designed to manifest those characters into a form of watch. With details that are rich of story references, these watches will stylishly accompany you while going about your daily life. Leaving only the fellow dark-siders to notice.

So, have you decided which dark side member you’re going to claim?

image via: Forbes, GQ

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