The WoostGod

The WoostGod

Impeccable — if he must be described only with one word, that would be it. With 30 years of wisdom up his sleeve, his resume in the fashion world reads like America’s top fashion brands register. He is the ultimate fashion authority, Nick Wooster.

Being worshipped by thousands of guys is only natural. His style that he has been retooling for decades naturally gets street style photographers running after him and even purposely looking for him. He shows the world what men’s fashion really is about. What he puts on in the morning, even if he didn’t think as much about it, will be made into a big deal later in the day. Plastered all over the web and seen by billions around the globe, people will break his outfits down, study it layers through layers, and discuss about his look from head to toe.

What he does, pretty simple really, is being creative. He cleverly mixed patterns in his outfits and let them be the spices of delight. When he doesn’t clash patterns, he will play with color palette by either staying with the same hue from top to bottom, or putting color theory into practice. In terms of cutting, the pieces that he wears are simple. The silhouettes are crisp and fitted perfectly. Ill-fitting clothes are not very appealing on men after all.

Nick Wooster mold his outfits in a way it will always look clean and fresh. What he wears will always look put together without looking like he threw his comforts away. If he claims that fashion and style are what he does best, we vouch for him that he makes no mistake. Talent, he has it for sure. So when he is embracing fashion, the whole world of fashion will embrace him just the same.

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