The Red + White Formula

The Red + White Formula

Now that the holiday season is approaching, you might find yourself getting distracted by the thoughts of what you would be doing when the time of the year finally comes. As you woke up from the daydream, however, it’s very hard to get enthusiastic by the fact that you are indeed, still in the middle of your work day—and it’s not even weekend yet. While the motivation and willpower you need to get through the day should come internally, some external arrangements could also contribute to your mid-week rejuvenation. And the formula is white (shirt) + red (lips).

Although it might not be the most groundbreaking way of dressing up, there are reasons why people swear by this classic composition. It has passed the test through times, it works for everyone and would make you look (and hopefully feel) better. The versatility of a white shirt is nothing to be questioned for. Just make sure that the shade looks fresh, and the rest of the styling is yours to take. And for red lips, well, red lips… it will make any women look instantly more attractive—it’s even scientifically proven. Thus, the white shirt + red lips is the formula you should try this week (if you haven’t already), for an instant pick me up.

Images via: Vogue, NY Mag, Classiq me, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Ring My Bell, The Fashion Spot. 

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