The Online-Offline Juggling Guide

The Online-Offline Juggling Guide

It’s unrealistic to live a fully plugged out life—let us all agree on that. But we can’t also live our lives with eyes glued to the screen 24/7. As we have discussed earlier, the key lies in balance. No single method is generally better than the other as online and offline lives meant to be lived correspondingly. In order to get the best of both worlds, one must know which method would be best used for what and juggle it accordingly. Regarding that matter, here’s our guide:



  • Online is best for catching up: Thanks to facebook, whatsapp, skype and the likes, geographical barrier is no longer a problem. We can easily be updated to what our loved ones are doing even if the person is on the other side of the planet. Through online world, we can also easily reconnect with old friends. Therefore, if you’re thinking of somebody, and wanting to know what’s up with them, a short message is ideal to quickly hit them up.
  • Offline is best for deep conversation: True that online conversation can be very convenient, but it can be very lacking in context. While the information might be transferred just as well, the experience of conversing itself might not. We might already know about our friends’ new job, latest vacation, or recent breakup from their social media updates, but you will never know how their tone rises or fall while describing it, how their face lights up while telling you about it, and you’re not going to be able to give them a pat on their back as a response. So, if you really want to have a quality conversation, ask the person for a meet up.



  • Online is best for fast updates: In a fast-paced world we live in right now, it’s only natural to prefer news that are a-tap-of-a-fingertips away. The information we get online are also offers multiple point of views for one single cause which can be good, for it means that we get the freedom of taking our own stand.
  • Offline is best for relaxation:  For those who reads for recreational purpose, nothing can beat the joy of holding up a print of your favorite book or magazine. Printed book has a certain nostalgic appeal that any online material can never replace. Plus point if you enjoy being completely immersed into another world because that's what good books often do to us.



  • Online is best for expanding: If you’re willing to reach out to people that you wouldn’t normally encounter, the best chance is to do it online. A lot of influential people these days are openly enclosing their contact information online. Who knows, your next collaboration project could be with those whose creation you’ve been admiring via instagram for months.
  • Offline is best for enhancing: If you’ve already gained access to influential people in your field, enhancing the relationship offline is of an importance. By actually meeting the person, you can not only exchange ideas, but also transfers enthusiasm and be inspired. If an idea can easily be forgotten, a mutual positive vibe doesn’t. Make yourself be remembered by not only making a statement but also leaving a good impression.



  • Online is best for options: There are times when you feel that the friends you hang out with and places you often go to can only get you that far in terms of offering potential dates. If this is the case, online dating is what you need for it can really open up your dating sphere. With online dating, you need not rely merely on mutual friends or anything mutual at all, and who knows, that the one might belong outside your circle after all.
  • Offline is best for chemistry: You might not be able to fully judge whether someone is a suitable date before you meet the person face to face. After all, if you happen to go to the next step of the relationship, you’re going to be interacting with them directly. Therefore, there’s no better way to detect a chemistry from the earliest stages by meeting them in person, to further decide whether to advance from there.



  • Online is best for on trend pieces: If you’re tempted to buy fringed-something or printed tops that you know won’t last after this season, get them online. That way, you can get the on trend piece quickly before it shifts to another one next season. By buying it online, you can also quickly compare which brand offer the best of the range before buying it to avoid regretful shopping later.
  • Offline is best for investment pieces: If you’re hoping to get a denim pants, a white button-ups, or a leather jacket that would last for years, you can’t do it without trying out the piece beforehand. In order to find the one you can invest on, you have to feel how it fits when you wear it, how the fabric falls on your body, and how comfortable it feels when you’re wearing it.
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