The New Messaging Experience With iMessage

The New Messaging Experience With iMessage

Whilst lacking in the ability to exchange non-verbal cues, the use of text messaging for communication has its own amusing appeals. The availability of various playful emojis has allowed us to express ourselves in a way that can’t be achieved through any other form of communication. And because messaging apps like whatsapp, line, and snapchat keep coming up with new emojis, stickers, and updates, Apple users usually prefers them over the default iMessage. However, it might not be like that for long.

Just recently, Apple released the next-generation version of iMessages, and it has all the good things form a messaging app. On this iOS 10 version, you’ll be able to send custom text bubble animations; respond by writing with your finger; send hidden messages in "invisible ink" that require swipes to reveal; send messages with full-screen animations; doodle over a photo in multiple colors; reply with stickers; "emojify" your written responses; and reply with one of six "tapback" reactions.

However, while an array of new features in the new iMessages are impressive, Apple do not seem to show any willingness to cross the line into android. This is quite unfortunate seeing that the new iMessage would potentially appeal to non-Apple users as well.  In other hand, Apple users might feel somewhat of restricted only being able to use the app within themselves.

How about you? Should this updated version of iMessage arrive this fall would you choose it over the messaging app you’re already using now?


Via:The Verge

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