The New Kitsuné

The New Kitsuné

If you ever happen to be in Paris, make a stop at Maison Kitsuné’s brand new concept store at Filles du Calvaire. This french brand is known for its distinguished clothing line or for some people, an electronic music record label, though now we might add another thing on the list, a perfect store. The freshly made establishment is the forth bricks-and-mortar boutique that comes with a modest cozy cafe.

We can say that Kitsuné is one of the brands that has successfully create a lively community that supports the brand’s lifestyle and image. With the new store just launched, visitors can browse their latest collection or simply catch up with friends over a cup of coffee and sandwich. The 35-seaters cafe was designed to induce a ‘homey’ mood with vibrant visuals, as expected from the acclaimed French architecture firms HAau, Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architecte and Max Lamb.

Make sure to visit the spot to experience an advanced shopping environment for both the men’s and women’s collection. Scan through the colorful collection in a aesthetically manner, the Kitsuné way.



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