The Jukebox of Scent

The Jukebox of Scent

No pinterest-worthy home would be complete without scented candles. But besides of its decorative function, scented candles are receiveing their popularity for a reason. Scent has the power to evoke images and bring back our favorite memories. And now, there’s a company named Vapor Communications, that presented other form of scented candle. They have designed a digital “scent speaker” called Cyrano. What exactly is a digital scent speaker? 

Think of it like a jukebox, you pick your songs and it plays them. It’s us, air fresheners and scented candles enthusiasts, that Cyrano “the digital scent speaker”, is attempting to atttract. From what we can tell Cyrano is the high tech version of a scented candle. Cyrano presents in a form of small battery-powered cylinder into which you place a cartridge with a palette of up to 12 distinct scents. The scents include lavender, coconut, honeysuckle, pine, vanilla, and peppermint. The device is controlled via an app on your smartphone called oNotes, which lets you select sequences of scents called ‘mood medleys’. Inside the mood medleys, there are called things like “Get Energy,” “Get Relaxed,” or “Get Free” and they’ve all been put together to have an effect on your mood by, for example, reminding you of things like being at the beach. You can also create your own scent sequences and match them with video or music to truly personalise and make the most of the device’s “mood modification” purposes.

However, Cyrano is designed for small spaces as its scents are not designed to be overpowering and their intensity can be adjusted in the app. Each scent in a mood medley only lasts a few minutes which the creators say is “long enough for the scent to be perceived by the user while short enough to avoid the olfactory fatigue associated with traditional scent technology, such as candles and air fresheners.” There are a few interesting possibilities with the device outside of simply improving mood, though; with the production of more scents Cyrano could be integrated into VR experiences to add further immersion. The creators clearly see integration with entertainment as a possible avenue for the product as one of the things you can do on the app is play a scent film where scents released by Cyrano will correspond with the scenes. Retailing for $150 USD, you can pick one up here.

Source Mashable

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