The Future Piano

The Future Piano

Best known for creating electronic pianos for classical musicians that are easy to transport, Alpha Piano has unveiled its latest offering, the mPiano, which created in collaboration with Porsche Design. 

The in mPiano stands for  mechatronic, which describes electronic actuators underneath the 88 keys that permit fine tuning of the keyboard’s feel. The changing of its keystroke resistance means players can make the mPiano feel like a Steinway grand, or a Casavant Opus pipe organ, or something else that hasn’t been invented. What’s more, the pressure-sensitive keys also feature polyphonic aftertouch, where vibrato and volume can be modified by sliding your finger up or down a key. Alpha’s custom app provides the controller interface and runs on an iPad set atop the mPiano, with changes to parameters like resistance and pitch wirelessly sent to the Wi-Fi-enabled piano. Four potential app profiles mean a single mPiano can be four wildly different instruments. While the price is still undisclosed, the mPiano has already won a Red Dot Design Award and Lady Gaga has reportedly ordered a unit for her next tour.

Source: Hypebeast

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