The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

Advanced technology has made huge changes for the past few years, we now have a new cultural lead on digital age. Covering the topic, a Madrid design studio, Atelier Teratoma combined a traditional intake with some futuristic-space-moment, inventing an advanced picnic basket fit for today’s lifestyle.

The plastic-cased basket is equipped with speakers, USB charging ports, a Bluetooth-connected screen and a solar panel, designed for us who always want to stay connected and engaged. The device also comes with two metallic silver pillows for extra comfort when laying down. The designers added “Traditionally the picnic is associated with the search of natural environments to share a meal. But what happens when we bring this idea to a context defined by hard pavements, congestion and new ways of communication? We believe that today the natural setting for a picnic should be the epicenter of the city: the square.”

Our inner spacemen are screaming and we are obviously agitated for this back-mounted picnic basket bag to be released sooner than ever.










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