The Best Accessories for Spring 2016

The Best Accessories for Spring 2016

They may be small, dainty, and subtle, or they can be massive and out there – but really, their size can never represent their stand on how important the role of accessories can be. Take them as the cherry for the cupcake, these items will definitely excites any clothing they’re paired up with.

It makes perfect sense when preparing accessories takes the same (or longer) time compared to how long it takes to decide what clothes to wear. How can it not be? With this season finding designers embracing an exhilarating mix of accouterments, from graphic bags to light up sandals to plastic tags used as bracelets and chokers, these pieces definitely captures attention. Hence, the perfect companions for a great outfit.

Here we have picked the best items from the Spring 2016 shows, including shoulder-grazing earrings, chockers, crown jewels, bags that are graphic punched, made out of clear PVC, as well as bags en blanc, also footwear from different spectrum ends – be it square-toed, bedazzled with lux stone, chunky sandals or laced up heels.

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