"The Armchair of Thousand Eyes" by Campana Brothers x Fendi

"The Armchair of Thousand Eyes" by Campana Brothers x Fendi

For those of you who are in love with Fendi’s ‘Bag Bugs’, and thought that you should accessorize your house to match your bag, we have a solution for your deepest yearning. The Campana duo, Brazilian brothers collaborated with the Italian luxury house to create one of the most “charming” armchair in history.

With the fever still going on, Fendi’s infamous fur monsters keychains caught the brothers’ attention a year ago and thought they should create one-of-a-kind ‘Banquete’ armchair. Made from the combination of gilded brass, kidassia goat fur, shearling, mongolia wool and rabbit fur, the 100 multi-colored bag bugs armchair is indeed an impressive house piece.

This Thousand eyed armchair made its first shocking debut in Milan Design Week 2015, and caught many wondering eyes for those who seek unique pieces for their home. The furniture is of course a limited edition and rumored to be retailed at $700, a reasonable value for a hand-sewn and hundred fur-plush-toys embellished chair.

If you wish to have this colorful chair in your living space, better put your name up to the list as the pre-orders are getting longer. Guess that many want this chair to be an exceptional additional to their homes.

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