Tangan: An Ode to Rawness

Tangan: An Ode to Rawness

Our hand is the medium to create. We, human, are not perfect yet we always seek for perfection in everything we make. However, at the end of the day, imperfections are not to be resented, rather it shall be appreciated. It is the value that TANGAN embodies, all without abandoning its aim to let people feel extraordinarily comfortable.

But how did it all start? It was when the very visual yet practical Zico Halim met with the straightforward, realistic and simple Margaretha Novianty while they were working as fashion editors at Amica magazine. Inspired to breathe a new notion into fashion, this duo then set TANGAN in motion. “It was one night we were on a phone call, Novi was still in PR and I was also yet designing for other brand. We were feeling a bit saturated doing the jobs we did, and given the feeling that every other designers sort of followed the same uniformed pattern both in craft and commerce, we decided to take a different approach as both of us came from creative and business background, in hope that we could give a fresh breeze to fashion,” said Zico.

Fresh indeed, their first collection is about sex – the rawness, imperfections and awkwardness. As sex is the genesis of everything, the collection serves the same purpose. The topic has been a common and instant subject in meeting people. To sum it up, it embodies a beginning.

For the day or the evening, their collection consists of primary pieces of clothing constructed out of excellent materials wrapped in unique designs. The pieces created by the label are versatile – just like human hands. With every season each presentations are interpreted differently in both visual and experience. Come next year, and we will be waiting for the new collection to arrive.


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