Take a Seat on These Trans-dimensional Chairs

Take a Seat on These Trans-dimensional Chairs

Remember when we were kids, a set of paper dolls are more than enough for us to create a whole other world in our mind? We were also easily satisfied with other two-dimensional toys because, for the most part, our imagination would play the rest of the part in creating our make-believe world. As we proceed to adulthood, however, this no longer holds true. However, this set of furniture might revive those childhood abilities.

Designed by an Eindhoven-based designer Jongha Choi, this furniture took their basic shapes as 2D wall ornaments. However, once you remove them from the wall, they could transform into real three-dimensional chairs and tables which you can actually use to sit or put your stuff on.

Named ‘De-dimension’, the designer made this furniture in order to explore how we depict and understands images. The design meant to be made to shake our fundamental notion of an image. Further, the designer wants to make an attempt to create an image that has an ability to give direct experience—those if you put it in adult words. To put it in our childhood words: the coolest toy ever!


Via: Designboom

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