Take a Mental and Physical Journey Through Nepal's Lost Kingdom

Take a Mental and Physical Journey Through Nepal's Lost Kingdom

Travel is no longer just a hobby. For some urbanites who has to battle with lethal routines, travelling is a necessity to keep one’s sanity. While a quiet retreat by the beach can be a very appealing recess for some, there are others who might prefer to get their adrenaline pumped in their spare time. For the latter group, running through Nepal’s trail race might be one appropriate option to discover.

Held along trans-Himalayan landscape, Mustang Trail Race combines your favorite exercise with breath-taking view of Nepal’s notorious highland. The trek trails along an area that once known as the Kingdom of Lo, a part of the Himalayas that was until recently completely closed to the outside world. Along the way, you’ll be met with fragments of Nepal’s rich history. Amongst other surprises, there are river valleys with prehistoric ammonite fossils, distinctive black stones that Hindus believe are the manifestation of Vishnu, and Chungsi cave temple where Padmasambhava – an 8th century Buddhist master widely known as ‘the second Buddha’ – stopped to meditate. The trail will end in the town of Muktinath which lies on both a Hindu pilgrimage route and the popular Annapurna trekking circuit.

As delightful as it sounds, the trail is absolutely not for the faint of heart. The race take eight stages of around 15 to 30km totaling just under 200 km at altitudes between 2,900-4,300m with 8200m of elevation change and is usually completed in over 8 days. Not to mention the scorching weather and extremely dry air that comes with it. However, the luxury is also exerted to remind you that you are indeed on a holiday. All of your bags are taken ahead of you each day, and you’ll be travelling with your own chef and every evening meal begins with a steaming white towel.

So, is this mind blowing and physically challenging way of vacationing sounds more like your cup of tea? If so, You’ll get about a year to decide whether to participate in this life-changing run. The next Mustang Trail Race will be held from April 15th to 28th, 2017.

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