Take a Look Inside Louis Vuitton Majestic 2017 Cruise Presentation

Take a Look Inside Louis Vuitton Majestic 2017 Cruise Presentation

Photo by Breno Turnes on W Magazine

Rio de Janeiro might be one of the busiest cities as of late. As the host of 2016 Olympic which will be held soon, the city is currently dealing with the various unfinished business it follows. Let alone the ongoing zika virus crisis happening in the country, which clearly leaves too many things to handle in the city’s hands right now. However, that doesn’t stop Nicolas Ghesquière to showcase his Louis Vuitton’s 2017 cruise fashion show in this Brazilian city.

Photo by: Breno Turnes on W Magazine

Since the venue was announced several months ago, it already sparked the curiosity of many fashion enthusiasts. Last Saturday, however, Ghesquière managed to answer that with a grand gesture. The chosen venue was a flying saucer-shaped building that is Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, a unique feature which the fashion director utilized effectively. The models were dramatically sent from the top of the building down a curving spool of crimson concrete that spirals down to the ground. And to match it, a long meandering runway awaits underneath.

Presented on the runway were a series of multicolored pieces with cutouts, asymmetrical cuts, ruffles and unexpected details like knotted belts, and padlock shaped accessories. The overall choice of fabric and shapes reflects athleticism whilst the silhouettes were futuristic in a lot of ways. Other than that, to pay tribute to Rio, the collection also features a print from Brazilian artist Aldemir Martins’ “Rhoda Collection,” recast on Louis Vuitton’s classic pieces. Look for this collection to arrive late this year.

Photos by:Fernanda Calfat/ Getty Images

Whilst we might still wonder which holiday destination will be well-suited for this kind of outfit, this current collection is surely a reflection of Ghesquière’s aesthetic exploration.

Via: Telegraph UK

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