T-Rex Checks You in at the World's First Robot Staffed Hotel

T-Rex Checks You in at the World's First Robot Staffed Hotel

Oh Japan, how you never cease to amaze. Honestly every time the word Japan came in question, there are these two equally fascinating standpoints out of Japanese culture that popped into mind. One being the more traditional values and helplessly beautiful ethics such as kimonos, shrines, geisha; while the other spectrum stands with the powerful – not to mention, bizarre – fashion and lifestyle (we are looking at you, Harajuku).

The land of cherry blossoms is where the creative minds reside. Seemingly impossible to stop, the unique way on how these people innovates deliver to the world some great surprises, especially with the Japanese technological advance. One of these wonders would be the Henn-na Hotel, and if you have the chance to visit Nagasaki, this would be the perfect place for a one-of-a-kind stay.

When you step inside, the lady at the reception desk will be ready for your check-in conveniences. But beware, for her company is a T-Rex, and she is not actually a lady. With more maintenance needed rather than nurturing, most of Henn-na Hotel’s staffs are robots – welcome to the future.

According to the hotel’s CEO Hideo Sawada, robots will soon take over manual labor-based jobs in order for humans to focus on endeavors that fall into the creative category. But there are more to the concept of Henn-na Hotel than just that. They strive the ultimate efficiency, and they found exciting ways to reach it. Aside from robot staffs, which obviously are efficient in their own rights, the hotel uses a cutting-edge facial recognition system that allows a keyless stay – there is a contactless IC key card as well, if you prefer. All room in the hotel also feature ‘radiant panel’ air conditioning system aside from other really cool points.

So which one would you prefer? Some might argue robots are great to avoid human errors, but can anything really beat the hospitalities given by human touch? We suggest you to try it for yourself.

Photos courtesy of Telegraph.co.uk

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