T A N G A N and Its Modern Rawness of Imperfection at Fashion Nation

T A N G A N and Its Modern Rawness of Imperfection at Fashion Nation

Step inside the world of T A N G A N and you will feel as if you are bare, sexed, yet adored. The name which means ‘Hand’ in Bahasa Indonesia propose the human hands in constructing imprefections but compelling creations. It is the value that T A N G A N embodies without abandoning its aim to make people feel comfortable. Last Tuesday on 19th April 2016, they presented their first collection in Fashion Nation Tenth Edition held in Senayan City.


Established in early 2015 by Margaretha Novianty and Zico Halim, the theme of their first collection is sex. The duo created pieces that would alter your sense of touch, which, as they say, “most directly draw the playful side of sex itself, as we are being wrapped skin to skin with another person. Its Rawness, Imperfection and Awkwardness.” Unfinished hemlines and asymmetrical lengths in nude palettes are incorporated to underscore the label’s purpose in finding beauty in imperfections.

The collection is defined as a little feminine, yet quirky and a little edgy, but sexy. This diversity of sensation is shown symbolically in each piece within this collection, an infusion of many styles in perfect harmony. T A N G A N has also collaborated with head piece maestro Rinaldy A.Yunardi, and spawned a series of accessories in the form of brooches, which inspired by the female breast anatomy and a mask. The inspiration came from the ideology that humans in general are maintaning their privacy about sex. The brooch and mask are drapped in gold as a touch of Indonesian culture. Symbolically, T A N G A N and its unorthodox view of beauty has represents the modern rawness of contemporary fashion and art, in a quest for the balance between comfort and quality. 

Photos by Alexander Christian

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