Step up Your Lego Game

Step up Your Lego Game

Are you looking for the hottest new shoes to buy? You can forget flyknits, because these sneakers are made from LEGOS. Well, these shoes might not be the type you can actually wear, but when it looks this cool, it’s difficult not to be fascinated – a toy shoe surely, has never looked so dope.

Legos have been used to recreate art of famous artists and even a stop-motion movie scenes. But for some reason, the plastic construction toys have never been used to pay an ode to sneakers. That was until graphic designer Tom Yoo decided to make those iconic kicks in brick form. He become known for his Lego re-creations of flagship Air Jordans and other hyped sneakers. The artist is able to perfectly replicate even the most complex show designs with toy bricks, drawing even more attention to the fact that shoe design is an artform unto itself.

For this holiday season, Tom Yoo is selling his limited edition sneakers for a great cause. There will be 10 different models and colorways  (including the mag and yeezy 2). Each shoe will be fully-glued and handmade, with each housed in a custom laser-cut mini shoe box, which Yoo modeled after the box of the Jordan 3′s. There will also be a certificate of authenticity and each will be numbered. As an added bonus, 10 percent of all sales will be donated to the Downtown Women’s Center and the Union Rescue Mision, both are non-profit organizations dedicated to helping the homeless in Los Angeles’ Skid Row.


Source Hypebeast

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