Stella McCartney Takes Menswear

Stella McCartney Takes Menswear

As an industry that prides itself for its modernity, fashion is—funnily enough—still amongst one of the most gender segregated industry in the world. However, as the time goes by, few baby steps were already taken: Brands merging their menswear/womenswear show; the boom of genderless silhouette; designers expanding their collection towards the other gender on the binary. As for the latest, one of the designers who recently jumped on the bandwagon is Stella McCartney.

On Thursday, the New York Times first confirmed that the designer will soon release her menswear line. And while the previews are not yet revealed anywhere, imagining how this collection will turn out is not that difficult. McCartney has been known for her tailored, sleek aesthetic which exudes some edge and softness allure to it. So, It can only be predicted that her menswear line will be made with the same sensibility.

The menswear collection will comprise suits, separates, outerwear, and accessories which like all of her clothes will be made with animal-friendly fabrics. The full collection is reported to be unveiled at a special presentation in London on November 10 and will hit stores around December.

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