Space Getwaway with Y-3

Space Getwaway with Y-3

Space isn’t just the next frontier for human exploration — apparently fashion is also looking towards the skies above. Virgin Galactic, a corporation of travel that is set to give the general public the opportunity to do the (currently almost) impossible which is travelling to space, are prepped to provide dream experiences into the outer atmosphere that include the grueling separated ascension, an absolutely breathtaking view of Earth that very few have ever seen.

Such a journey would thus require the expertise, technology and science before a project of this magnitude could be endeavored. And surprisingly, the third party supplier is Adidas associated Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto. Adidas revealed that its Y-3 brand will be working with Virgin Galactic to design not only the astronaut pilot’s flight-suits, but the outfits for everyone.

The brand, a longstanding collaboration between Adidas and one of Japan’s greatest designer Yohji Yamamoto, unveiled the super-sleek, all-black get-up that the pilots and operations team members will wear, which consists of a flight suit, flight boot, and jacket, all of which are currently in prototype mode. Y-3’s all-in-one flight suit is made from a heat-resistant synthetic material called Nomex Meta Aramid, which is woven using a 3D-engineered pattern. They also developed lace-up boots made from leather and Nomex, with outsoles designed for grip and heel inserts for added comfort and shock absorption. In the near future, this collaboration will eventually extend to garments for passengers.

Coming from its roots at Adidas and seeing the advancements Y-3 has made with the footwear and activewear, the seemingly obvious next step would be the progression of these products made to perform at heights we’ve yet to reach. While many may overlook the simplicity of the garment, the science behind every stitch and panel of the clothing was made abundantly apparent and is not to be looked down upon — its hard to imagine any other brand than Y-3 that could pull off such a project and it is very exciting to see what’s possible for space travel, and thus space apparel. Y-3 and Virgin Galactic plans to take commercial passengers to space by the end of 2017.

Source hypebeast, dezeen

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