Something Old, Something New, Something Radical

Something Old, Something New, Something Radical

The last time Westminster Abbey got a worldwide attention might be circa William-Kate wedding in 2011. However, the legendary landmark is predicted to gain back some massive exposure this year. And the given exposure might be achieved in a way that’s truly surprising to many. The historical landmark will be housing Gucci cruise collection this 2nd of June. Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michelle, admits that he is an Anglophile, obsessed with British culture from past and present. As to describe the deal to showcase his collection in Westminster Abbey he used the word “Magical.” An aproppriate word, per se.

The Westminster Abbey cathedral is a highly sacred building in Britain. William the Conqueror was anointed King of England in 1066 in that particular building. And since its Rebuilt in 1245, it’s been the place where Geoffrey Chaucer, Isaac Newton, William Wilberforce and Charles Darwin are buried. It is also the site of Princess Diana of Wales’s funeral and of numerous royal weddings. Considering the cathedral’s monumental reputation, Gucci successfully granting permition to use it s a venue is indeed a great deal, making them the first fashion house of any nationality to ever have a show there.

This quite radical union between contemporary brand and a sacred memorial icon might be a dissonance triggering notion for some. But seeing how it will turn out this June 2 is surely quite a compelling case to anticipate.

Source: Telegraph UK

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