S.H.O.T takes Clean-Eating Lifestyle to London

S.H.O.T takes Clean-Eating Lifestyle to London

Amongst all historically laden buildings around London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, a new restaurant stands out with its neon signs and sleek white ceramic interior. The place which was designed by London-based architecture studio Wilson Holloway, gives the breath of freshness to the area. With the name as hip as S.H.O.T, it actually carries a purpose far more interesting than the name.

Despite of the bar-appropriate naming, the restaurant’s menu consists of variety of clean foods. As the name S.H.O.T itself, as it turns out, is an abbreviation of Simple, Healthy, Organic, and Tasty. They offer seasonal menu of dishes that are cooked on site daily and an extensive range of cold press juices, health shots, as well as smoothies. All the foods are made by keeping their 10 promises which includes “Provide a complete ingredients list with no hidden cheats” and “Uses only non-GMO, hormone free, antibiotic-free, and 100% traceable meat and fish”.

S.H.O.T also aims to educate people about nutrition. Therefore, they offer sound and scientifically validated health advice that is applicable to all diets, preferences and taste buds. They also provide informative commentary about the latest trends in the health world, alongside truthful guidance from their nutritionists about how to eat, live and work productively.

Should you be interested to explore the scientifically-validated clean-eating goodness, do pay a visit to 23/23A Bride Lane, London.


23/23A Bride Lane, London

44.20 7583 0471

S.H.O.T London

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