Shopping for Beyoncé's Activewear Line is Going to be Fuss-Free

Shopping for Beyoncé's Activewear Line is Going to be Fuss-Free


It is no secret that, when it comes to shopping for a hyped up international brands, we Indonesians often need to go the extra miles. If the item is not released in our country, then it means hours (or even days) of browsing through instagram accounts claiming to sell original version of the items we want (we need to be careful because there are thousands of replicas out there). Then it comes to even more hours (or even days) comparing each of the accounts to decide which one is the most trustworthy and would give us the most convenience. If we’re too concerned about the risk, however, then it means dealing with shipping requirements, paying costly shipping cost and facing a seemingly endless days of waiting until the item is delivered to our door. It’s never easy and oh yes, haven’t we all been there?

Speaking of hyped up international brands, fortunately enough, those who have been waiting to own Beyoncé’s activewear line, Ivy Park, need not to look further than their own computer screen. The giant shopping website Zalora is currenty enabling us to shop Ivy Park’s collection through their website. With all the prices converted to Indonesian Rupiah, it is provides a better light to decide the item’s worth. The sport bras from this collection are sold for around Rp 510.000 and the shorts for around Rp 473.000.  We suppose that this would have Queen Bey’s fanatics all around Indonesia cheering in unison. Whilst for the sportwear enthusiasts, would you tap some items from this collection or would you rather stick to your good old activewear brands?

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