Shock Clock to Jolt You out of Bed!

Shock Clock to Jolt You out of Bed!

Most of us must have done this before. Set up the alarm clock on the other side of the room with the most annoying alarm noise, then when it starts blaring you crawl over to turn the alarm off and hit the snooze button for at least 4 to 5 times before you actually get up every morning. Because we all know a lot of us are not a morning person, but why not change that habit? You have probably heard, most of your best days happen when you wake up on time and have a great start. Research also shows that regular sleep can help you lose weight and get more stuff done in the day. So, why is it so hard to get up at the same time every day.

The answer is because the moment when your alarm clock goes off, your brain is still asleep and not in control. But this new device could truly save you from that. Named the Shock Clock, it is touted to be 'the first device that uses effective, tested sensory inputs to wake you up and keep you alert.' Which means, instead of snoozing, this hand band device uses vibrations, beeps and electric shocks that design to jolt you out of bed. It might sound borderline scary but don't worry, it doesn't actually hurt and won't injure you. Also, you can scale the level of the shock to suit your own sensitivity. Eventually, the conditioning will train your brain and body to wake up naturally without making you feel tired or irritated in the morning.

Dare to try it? Learn more about the device here, and support its Indiegogo campaign here.

Source: Hypebeast

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