See The World Through Windows

See The World Through Windows

Travelling around the city of Europe, you might easily choose to venture to its iconic landmarks for historical explorations, dive into the city scape to experience a glimpse of its lifestyle, or trying out its cuisine to taste the local flavors. And by the time you return home, a photo with Eiffel tower or Big Ben as a background should be a decent memento for you to make “I’ve been therr” remark. However, Portuguese photographer André Vincente Gonçalves chose to narrate his travels in a way that never crossed the mind of any other traveller: by documenting its windows.

Lisbon, PortugalLisbon, Portugal

The AlpsThe Alps

Burano, ItalyBurano, Italy

London, EnglandLondon, England

Ericeira, PortugalEriceira, Portugal

Through his years of extensive travels, Gonçalves has documented countless windows along the way. And through this portrayal, indeed, an object that never seemed to cross our minds turns out to be something that characterizes a city and gives charming distinction in every one of them. Thus, Windows of the World project was created as series of compositions, capturing the charming identity of each city in the beautiful details of its windows. From the colorful square-shaped wooden windows that characterizes Burano Italy, to maroosh style and light-colored ones in Ericeira Portugal, or Victorian shaped ones in Bucharest Romania to bay styled windows that defines the Alps— it is clear that we might start to look at things we could easily miss for next time we travel.

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